Julie Holyoke

Since 1976, following studies in Textile Design, Holyoke has worked as a designer and educator in the field of dobby and Jacquard textiles for handwoven and industrial productions. A pioneer in the use of digital technologies for woven textiles, she works with both state-of-the-art and historical technologies, often in combination. Her design work draws inspiration from the great textile traditions of the past, while making use of current materials and processes. She has sold handwoven accessories in wearable art galleries within the United States, and her work with bespoke fabrics for fashion houses has been exhibited in the design collections of North American and European museums.

Holyoke currently teaches at public and private istitutions in Italy and abroad, while designing for prestigious hand and industrial productions. She continues her research in historic textiles and their reproduction with today's digital technologies.

Her textbook, Digital Jacquard Design Bloomsbury Press, the first comprehensive guide to Jacquard weaving in the digital era, is available for purchase at

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via dei Bardi 14, 50125 Florence, Italy
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