curriculum vitae
aprile 2013

Julie Prescott Holyoke

Via de' Bardi 14
50121 Florence, Italy
mobile +39 339 4469384
tel/fax +39 055 245101
Professional experience
since 2010 Texao SpA, Prato, Italy
since 1996 Designer handwoven Jacquard textiles in silk and precious metals, Lisio Foundation, Florence Italy
1995-2012 Consultant and trainer, Pointcarré, textile CAD software house, Rennes France
1990-1992 Designer, Tessilarte, household linens, Florence, Italy
1990-1991 Designer, Cartujano, Jacquard woven accessory textiles, Ibiza, Spain
1989-1990 Translation Disegno Tecnico Tessile, Mario Puliti, Media, Florence
1984-1992 Consultant and trainer, AVL UK, textile CAD software house, Macclesfield, UK
1977-1979 Designer, Lisio Tessuti d'Arte, Jacquard silk textiles, Florence, Italy
Didactic Work
2012 Textile Society of America one-day workshop: A Day in Figured Velvet, Washington DC USA
2010 Textile Society of America one-day workshop: Jacquard, a Loom of Opportunity, Lincoln Nebraska USA
since 1997 Jacquard Textile Design, Lisio Foundation, Florence, Italy
since 1996 Teacher training in Digital Textile Design for Jacquard and Dobby wovens at art institutes: Lugano Switzerland, Venice Italy, Pistoia Italy, Prato Italy
since 1986 On site textile design training for mill technicians of Jacquard and dobby woven fashion and interiors fabrics
2008-2009 Designing Jacquard Textiles, Industrial Union of Prato, Italy
2008 Fiber, Yarn, Weaves. Figured Silkweaving, San Leucio, Caserta, Italy
2007 Fiber and Textiles, ISIA/Polimoda, School of Design, Florence University, Italy
2002-2008 Jacquard Design, Florence University, Italy
1995-1996 Textile Science, Fashion Institute of Technology, Florence, Italy
1994-1995 Color Theory for Textiles, Polimoda, Florence, Italy
1989-1992 Computer-aided Textile Design, Accademia Italiana Moda, Florence, Italy
1988-1989 Computer-aided Textile Design, Polimoda, Florence, Italy
1979-1982 Handweaving, Studio Holyoke, Florence, Italy
1977-1979 Handweaving, Cooperativa dei Ragazzi and Public Schools, Florence, Italy
1974-1976 Handweaving, Studio Holyoke, NYC USA
Lectures and Presentations
2013 Significant Textiles: the Stuff of Our Public and Private Lives, Women's International Network of Florence Italy.
2013 The Reconstruction of an 18th century cut velvet with silver lamella facing weft for the King's bedroom at Wilanów Palace, Warsaw, Centre International d'Etude des Textiles Anciens, Copenhagen
Weaving Princely Textiles in the 21st Century, Bard Graduate Center, New York City
Studying Figured Weaving at the Lisio Foundation, UNCA Kellogg Conference Center, Hendersonville NC
Significant Textiles, Nardini Editore, Florence Italy
Studio Holyoke
1985-1996 DesignWomen's wear collections, prototypes woven on computer-piloted 16 and 24 shaft AVL looms, Leggiuno, Italy, Prato, Italy
1975-1987 Production of hand woven accessories sold at Julie: Artisans' Gallery, Bendel's, Bloomingdales NYC, department stores and boutiques USA
Series miniature silk tapestries
1973-1975 A.A.S Textile Design program, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC
Specialized courses
2013 First session: Recognition, Study and Cataloguing of Handmade and Machine-made Lace, Bobbin Lace, Thessy Schoenholzer Nichols, Lisio Foundation, Florence Italy
Recognition of Embroidery Stitches and Techniques, Thessy Schoenholzer Nichols, Lisio Foundation, Florence Italy
2011 Smart Textiles: Materials, Technologies and Use, Melissa Coleman, Teko University, Herning Denmark
2010 Loop braiding, Joy Boutrup, Lisio Foundation, Florence Italy
2009 2nd session technical course C.I.E.T.A, Lyon France
2008 TSA workshop: Identifying Textiles: Surface Finishes and Techniques, Desirée Koslin and Susan Brown, Hawaii
2008 1st session technical course C.I.E.T.A, Lyon France
2005 Drawlooms: loom and samples. Analysis. Martin Cisuk, Lisio Foundation, Florence, Italy
1995 480 hour seminar, Design and Production of Jacquard Textiles, Lisio Foundation, Florence Italy
1994-1995 Two session course, Caucasian and Persian rugs, Carpet Studio, Florence Italy
1976 Tapestry and Card weaving, SACI, Florence, Italy
1975 Dyeing, Constance La Lena, Grand Junction, Colorado
1972 Damask weaving and Silk-screen Printing, Arrowmont, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
1971 Handweaving, Columbine Studio, Denver, Colorado
Handspinning workshop, Constance La Lena, Denver, Colorado
CIETA: Centre International d'Etude des Textiles Anciens
ETN: European Textile Network
TSA: Textile Society of America
2013 Digital Jacquard Design, Bloomsbury Publishing, London (in preparation)
2013 Digital Jacquard Weaving: an Artist's Medium, Textile Forum (in preparation)
From Leaf Stomata to Digitally Woven Cloth, Jacquard n.72
2012 The reconstruction of an 18th century cut velvet with lamella weft for the King's bedroom at Wilanów Palace by the Lisio Foundation in Florence, Italy, Jacquard n.70
Designing a Jacquard Textile: Cypress Trees, Jacquard n.69
2011 The Tale of Two Textiles, Jacquard n.68
2007 From the Art of Weaving to the Weaving of Art, Jacquard n. 60
2011 Penelope's Labours; Weaving Words, Textile Society of America, Fall Newsletter
Pretty Smart Textiles, Textile Society of America, Fall Newsletter
Conference proccedings:
2010 Jacquard, a Loom of Opportunity Workshop, Textile Society of America, Symposium DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - Lincoln Nebraska
La Fondazione LISIO e FENDI. Una collaborazione sotto l'insegna dell'alto artigianato italiano, Paola Marabelli e Aurora Fiorentini, I Quaderni della Fondazione Lisio, Firenze, 2009