Julie Holyoke

Digital Jacquard Design, the first comprehensive textbook on Jacquard textile design in the digital era, was released by Bloomsbury Press in October 2013:

"This is a book that is going to captivate any visually-attuned person ... an excellent resource for students of jacquard, but more than that, it is a compilation of inspiration for any artist. With the resurgence of interest in making cloth, this book will surely guide many non-weavers through this fascinating terrain."
Bhakti Ziek, SDA NewsBlog spotlight.

"An excellent resource for visual learners, this book provides a wealth of technical analysis and inspiring documentation of Jacquard weaving. Numerous color photographs, including microscopic details, color diagrams, notations and concise text clearly illustrate how this distinctive vocabulary is considered and applied in the creation of figured cloth." - Janice Lessman-Moss, Professor and Head of Textile Art, Kent State University, USA
"This book is a very useful source of information for any weaver who wants to explore and extend their practice into the realm of digital Jacquard design. Julie Holyoke, through her extensive experience and knowledge of this specialised discipline, brings together a diverse range of information from the spheres of both technology and design methodology. Through well-illustrated examples she explains clearly all the important elements that need to be considered for the creation of Jacquard wovens with today's tools." - Ismini Samanidou, independent textile designer and artist
"At long last a book which will develop students' knowledge of Jacquard." - Nicola Redmore, Huddersfield University, UK
"It is gorgeous in every way. I love the contrast between the historic textiles and the contemporary ones. Love the case studies of works by a wide range of contemporary artists. Love the balance of design advice and solid technical information. As a professor of weave technology, it is difficult to find relevant texts that are less than 10 years old for my courses. I will recommend this for courses in weave design or technology now. It is also an excellent reference for anyone involved in the study or conservation of historical textiles and fashion." - Patrice George, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, USA
"Beautifully presented book with exciting contemporary work as well as relevant historical imagery: practical and useful to weave students and designers." - Lesley Mitchison, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Imprint:Bloomsbury Academic
Illustrations:220 colour
Dimensions:210 x 297 mm
Cover textile:Anne-Birgitte Hansen